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The entrepreneurs Moshe Belilty and Eyal Yassky-Weiss, founded Hilico, a social enterprise which is intended to provide solutions for proper water supply to people living in poverty areas around the world who don’t have access to clean water. This is done by a simple and convenient system for collecting rainwater.

In the video, Moshe, a founding partner at Hilico, will share with us what lead them to think of the idea, what was the main difficulty in the process, what is important in their opinion in Social Entrepreneurship and how did the daily work with the clinic the support given to them helped them on their way to success.

What is the name of your startup, and what does it do?

The startup is called Hilico, and we are developing a simple and convenient system for collecting rainwater, which is intended primarily for people who are disconnected from the water grid, mainly for developing countries and disaster zones.

How did you think about the idea? Why social entrepreneurship?

Nearly 700 million people are disconnected from the water grid, meaning that they don’t have access to clean water. The even more remarkable fact is that more than half of them live in countries that have high precipitation levels and we realized that they just don’t utilize these resources properly. So we decided to develop a system that will help them collect rainwater efficiently, cheaply and conveniently.

What was the main difficulty you’ve experienced so far?

In my opinion, the main difficulty was recruiting investors who are accustomed to investing in companies that give them a quick return on their investments, and convincing them to invest in a company that has a slightly different business model and that sells the product to poor people.

If you could go back to the beginning, what is the most important advice you would give yourselves?

To take things easy and not personally, and to never give up on an opportunity to sign-up to competitions.

Which parameter is essential in social entrepreneurship in order to make a real change?

To lead to a real change, I think there is a need for a deep understanding of the problem and the market. For example, at Hilico, we had to develop a system that is cheap enough so that our target audience will want to buy it. For that reason, we went to India, to the poorest slums and validated our product.

How was your experience with the clinic and the students who assisted you?

The clinic was the first place that we received professional explanations. Up to that point we didn’t really understand how to conduct ourselves within the legal world and they really made things a lot clearer.

The meetings were professional, serious and caring. We received help whenever we needed it. To summarize – we strongly recommend applying to the Clinic.

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