Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials


Thank you letter from Anna and Hadar from MDLBASE

We Thank Anna and Hadar for the warm and kind letter below

Assaf, Or and Eilon,

Words just can’t express how much your guidance has helped us, thank you very much! We have been through a full year of ups and downs (there is no chance that we will stop at the downs, so ups it is). We wanted to thank you for your seriousness and persistence professionalism and determination, for your humanity and caring, the availability and seriousness and for the solutions.

For women like us, chasing the need to succeed, each decision is fateful (or so it feels). The help has provided us peace in the dynamic framework we have chosen for ourselves. And if we stretch the metaphor a bit more, you have been a form of sanity and security, especially because of your guidance in the legal field which is new to us. The fact that we had a high-quality solution, advice and guidance in the distance of an Email and one phone call away, accompanied us in moments of crisis like a lighthouse. And now we are done with the metaphors.

In other words, we hope that you realize how much you have helped us by giving us the feeling that there is someone to trust. You saved us financially, and gave us ‘air to breath’ to deal with difficulties and challenges. On a personal note, you have helped us to fulfill our goal and our dream and for this we will forever thank you.

It was a privilege to work with you!

Many thanks!!!

Anna and Hadar


Recommendation letter from Adi Ronen

Dear all,

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Att. Assaf Ben David, the head of the IDC Legal Clinic for start-ups, and the students Netta Goldberg and Moti Ben-Moshe.

The day-to-day work with Assaf was flawless. Assaf was always available and helped me closely with any struggles that I ran into during the processes of building my start-up. Thanks to his experience, Assaf gave me a valuable advice that was very useful along the complicated path of building a startup.  

Netta and Moti were the students that worked on our start-up. They were highly motivated and provided us every agreement we needed, including: separation/waiver agreements, founders’ agreement, a pilot agreement and a license agreement. All the legal contracts were of the highest quality, and the students (supervised by Assaf) knew how to handle every aspect and legal issue that we had. 

Without a doubt, I would recommend the Clinic and specifically Assaf, Netta and Moti. The work with them was very professional and exceeded all my expectations.


Best wishes,

Adi Ronen

Co-founder & CEO

Fly.AI (AKA Co-Commerce)