Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials

Recommendation letter  from Idan Adut, Founder of

I would like to thank and warmly recommend a cooperation with the IDC Legal Clinic for Start-ups at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, under the supervision and guidance of Assaf Ben-David, Adv.

Above all, the clinic’s service was always professional, comprehensive and in high quality. In addition, Assaf and the students, Bar Sossover and Chen Pozazi, were available for us around the clock, including in all urgent matters that popped up.

The clinic met all our expectations and more. The clinic successfully prepared all the legal documents that we requested, documents that each early stage company should insist of preparing, such documents included Founders Agreements, Costumer Agreements, Licensing Agreements and more. The clinic also handled the incorporation process of the company in Israel, as well as legal and business advice on a variety of subjects.

If you are working on an early stage start-up, don’t miss the opportunity to use the legal services of the IDC Legal Clinic for Start-Ups.

Idan Adut

Founder and CEO of

Thank you letter from Anna and Hadar from MDLBASE

We Thank Anna and Hadar for the warm and kind letter below

Assaf, Or and Eilon,

Words just can’t express how much your guidance has helped us, thank you very much! We have been through a full year of ups and downs (there is no chance that we will stop at the downs, so ups it is). We wanted to thank you for your seriousness and persistence professionalism and determination, for your humanity and caring, the availability and seriousness and for the solutions.

For women like us, chasing the need to succeed, each decision is fateful (or so it feels). The help has provided us peace in the dynamic framework we have chosen for ourselves. And if we stretch the metaphor a bit more, you have been a form of sanity and security, especially because of your guidance in the legal field which is new to us. The fact that we had a high-quality solution, advice and guidance in the distance of an Email and one phone call away, accompanied us in moments of crisis like a lighthouse. And now we are done with the metaphors.

In other words, we hope that you realize how much you have helped us by giving us the feeling that there is someone to trust. You saved us financially, and gave us ‘air to breath’ to deal with difficulties and challenges. On a personal note, you have helped us to fulfill our goal and our dream and for this we will forever thank you.

It was a privilege to work with you!

Many thanks!!!

Anna and Hadar

Recommendation letter from Adi Ronen

Dear all,

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Att. Assaf Ben David, the head of the IDC Legal Clinic for start-ups, and the students Netta Goldberg and Moti Ben-Moshe.

The day-to-day work with Assaf was flawless. Assaf was always available and helped me closely with any struggles that I ran into during the processes of building my start-up. Thanks to his experience, Assaf gave me a valuable advice that was very useful along the complicated path of building a startup.  

Netta and Moti were the students that worked on our start-up. They were highly motivated and provided us every agreement we needed, including: separation/waiver agreements, founders’ agreement, a pilot agreement and a license agreement. All the legal contracts were of the highest quality, and the students (supervised by Assaf) knew how to handle every aspect and legal issue that we had. 

Without a doubt, I would recommend the Clinic and specifically Assaf, Netta and Moti. The work with them was very professional and exceeded all my expectations.

Best wishes,

Adi Ronen

Co-founder & CEO

Fly.AI (AKA Co-Commerce)

Recommendation letter from Sivan Baram, founder of radd

To entrepreneurs who are considering getting assistance from the IDC Legal Clinic for Start-Ups:

The clinic’s team helped us a lot with all the initial legal work. We are highly appreciative of the hard work that they did for us.

It was a tremendous relief that the talented team (Sapir Senderov and Gal Kalinsky led by Adv. Assaf Ben-David) solved our main legal issues at such a critical stage.

We highly recommend the Clinic to any start-up lucky enough to be accepted.

Best regards,

Sivan Baram

Founder of radd.

Thank you letter from Hafeth Zughayer founder of UBConnect

I would like to express my greatest gratitude to the IDC Legal Clinic Team for their support in providing UBConnect with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents for its App UBCard. As a startup, it is difficult to cover all necessary expenses and the Clinic’s assistance came as a great support. 

Please accept this simple thank-you note showing my gratitude for all that you have done.

The thanks extends to Adv. Assaf Ben-David, Bar Fenster, Shir Shaulian and Michal Gotlieb. 

Thanks again, 

Hafeth Zughayer 

أود أن أعرب عن امتناني لفريق العيادة القانونية IDC لدعمهم في تقديم كل من شروط الاستخدام وسياسة الخصوصية لشركة  UBConnect   و تطبيقها UBCard. من الصعب احيانا في معظم الشركات الناشئه  تغطية جميع النفقات اللازمة، وجائت هذه المساعدة كدعم كبير للشركة.

 تفضلوا بقبول رسالة الشكر البسيطة إظهار امتناني لجميع ما قدمتم.

الشكر موصول لكل من عساف بن-ديفيد ، بار فنستر، شير شوليان وميكال جوتليب.

شكرا جزيلا،
حافظ الزغير 

Recommendation letter from Hilla and Tammy, founders of twc

Dear Assaf, Noa, Dana and Bar,

Towards the end of the clinic program, we just wanted to share our feelings with you and to say thank you!

Not sure if you know but a few years ago (9 actually) I had a dream. I wanted to have a successful company in which I help other fellow entrepreneurs develop their tech dreams.

It took me a while, and after many years of being busy with dreaming and raising 3 young boys of my own, I finally found the perfect business partner and friend – my co-founder Tammy – also a working mother.

Together we decided to take our dream one step forward and luckily, we found you and the clinic! and so our dream began to become a reality! 

We are finally a registered company thanks to you, have all of the legal documents in place, like our service agreement, founders agreement and many more and have signed up numerous clients!

It looks like you truly understood us and our needs, after all, the legal aspects are one of the most important parts of a business.

From our first meeting, which took 3 hours(!), we understood that this process of working together would be an important one and that we were in good hands. Lucky for us, we were right!

The working process with you was highly professional and we always felt like we were in good hands. We always got quality products and the most important part is that you helped us really get to our next level and make a huge process in our legal growth within under a year. 

During this process we met amazing people, highly professional and willing to listen and help. 

Thank you! we really appreciate all that you did for us.

Hilla & Tammy

Thank you letter from Francisco Marinaro, founder of Smart Learning

In behalf of Smart Learning and Aprende Hebreo Online we are very proud for have participated in IDC Legal Clinic for Startups. We had a wonderful year where we met incredible legal advisors who has a big understanding on legal and startups matters. 

We would like to thanks to IDC Herzliya and IDC Legal Clinic for Start-Ups for working with Smart Learning to make language education easy, fast and fun!

En nombre de Smart Learning y Aprende Hebreo Online estamos muy orgullosos de haber participado en IDC Legal Clinic for Startups. Tuvimos un año maravilloso en el que conocimos a asesores legales increíbles que tienen un gran conocimiento sobre asuntos legales y de startups.

Queremos agradecer a IDC Herzliya y IDC Legal Clinic for Start-Ups por trabajar con Smart Learning para que la enseñanza de idiomas sea fácil, rápida y divertida.

Thank you letter from Erez Simon, founder of Autonomit

Dear clinic team.

About a year ago, I applied to receive legal assistance for my start-up (Autonomit), which deals with making the digital world accessible to people with disabilities.

I was privileged to meet the students:  Asaf, Matan and Or – a professional, positive and energetic team, led by Att. Assaf Ben David. You accepted me warmly and studied the background of the project and all its’ business and legal aspects. During the year, you drafted for me numerous documents- thereby helping me protect my rights in the venture and improve its’ legal status.

As a starting out entrepreneur, who usually deals with engineering and design, I learned through the work with the clinic the value and necessity of legal counsel, and the events that took place during this year proved this.

I would like to personally thank Att. Assaf Ben-David, the clinic manager, for his patience, efforts and support in assisting me with a complex and unexpected legal situation. Assaf, your help is not taken for granted, and thanks to your help we managed to successfully overcome the challenges that arose.

The Clinic’s activities for entrepreneurs who don’t have any legal background is critical to their success. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs only discover this when it’s already too late.

I wish you a pleasant summer vacation and continued success with the Clinic.


Erez Simon