Our Clients

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Our Clients

The clients of the IDC Legal Clinic for Startups are at diverse stages of the startup life cycle. Some clients are new entrepreneurs seeking advice on issues such as founders’ agreements or intellectual property counseling, others are more established startups seeking assistance with business transactions, such as drafting licensing agreements. The Clinic focuses on entrepreneurs from selected social and ethnic backgrounds, such as minorities (Arabs, Orthodox Jews, Druze, and others), residents of peripheral areas and new immigrants. Preference is given to women and entrepreneurs with a social contribution.




Among Our Clients



Allows everyone to use Crowdsourcing to get live video stream and rebroadcast it with the voice commentary


A technical service that helps people claim compensations for receiving unwanted spam


A platform that uses great technology to connect travelers and guides for an even greater trip

Guests for Shabbat

A social platform which uses Shabbat meals as a means of connecting people and creating communities

PRfor All

A platform that connects between interviewees and the media/journalists


A platform that mediates between models and service seekers  in order to create economic accessibility and operational modeling services 


Buy for Good

An online store for Israeli gifts made by pepole with disabilities and from underprivileged communities



Increasing the e-commerce conversion rate by creating a social shopping experience



A website & app that allows users with allergies and other sensitivities to locate resturants that suit their needs, based on information from other users



Marketing & Design software for entreprenuers and businesses. Automatic design tailor made for each industry



A biometric solution to the massive problem of online fraud



Handy Bag designs and manufactures carrying solutions for wheelchair users



Israel’s first social foodsharing mobile application for charity donations