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Third year Law & Government student at the IDC Herzliya. Dreams of becoming a lawyer in the entrepreneurial world and enjoys surfing, playing the guitar and travelling during his free time.

What is an Anti-Dilution Agreement ?

An anti-dilution agreement is an agreement (or a provision) that investors often choose to insert into their 'Term Sheet', when specifying their requests alongside the investment. Through this agreement, investors protect their invested price per share by limiting the possibility that future investors pay less than what the preceding investor paid [...]

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What is a Reverse Triangular Merger ?

A reverse triangular merger is a merging process that was developed as an advancement of the merging process in order to more easily execute a purchase of a target company, whilst enjoying the benefits of a merger, in comparison to a direct purchase. If the company being sought after for purchase [...]

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What is a Golden Parachute ?

A golden parachute is an agreement between a company and a high-ranking employee (usually an executive), specifying significant benefits that the employee shall be granted in the case of a merger or takeover and termination of that employee. These benefits may include severance packages, stock options, cash bonuses, and more. Often [...]

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What is a Joint Venture ?

A Joint Venture is a business arrangement between two or more parties, that are otherwise individual and separate entities, usually having shared ownership, including risks, and governance. The purpose of joining funds and ownership is usually for a pre-determined task like a new project or any business activity. A Joint Venture [...]

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What is an Accelerator program ?

An Accelerator program is a fixed, educational, mentoring program, designed to provide the basics of "starting-up" to selected entrepreneurs. Typical programs include mentors that teach basics of start-up accounting, initial IP advice, as well as product design and sales ideas. Also, programs typically offer a "pitch day" or "demo day" as [...]

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The right to be forgotten in Europe

For many entrepreneurs dreaming of reaching the global sphere with their initiative/platform/app/business, the European Union's 'strict' privacy regulatory standard is the guideline. This short article will outline key factors in Europe's Privacy regulations and stress basic do's and don'ts for entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business market abroad. Whether you are specifically [...]

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Legal Issues surrounding the use of drones

Rising popularity in drone usage across various fields raises awareness of Privacy issues associated with being filmed unintentionally or without prior consent, and brings about regulatory issues of unenforced or obsolete laws, creating obscurely uncertain situations to the average drone enthusiast. Whilst extremely exciting and fast-growing, the developing multi-million Dollar 'Drone [...]