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About Ifergan Dorin

Third year Law & Business (Minor- real estate), at the IDC Herzliya. her dream is to become a successful lawyer and businesswoman. In her spare time, dorin enjoy spending time with her family and friends, playing the guitar and dancing.

What is a “Unique Value Proposition” (UVP)?

UVP is a term that reflects the utility of your offer, meaning the value and importance of your product or service to the customer. The offer should describe what distinguishes you from your competition and the way you solve your costumer's needs. Creating a Unique Value Proposition is part of a [...]

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What is the “Internet of Things (IoT)”?

Internet of Things is a network of physical objects such as computing devices, machines, objects, animals or people connected to computer infrastructure. This network enables communication, data collection and transfer between the objects. Hence, this allows objects to be controlled remotely through internet infrastructure, without human interference. The purpose of this [...]

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What are “convertible loans”?

A convertible loan is a loan that include a relative short-term interest rate period, based on a future investment within the company. With this type of loan, the lender is entitled to convert the loan to preferred stocks of the company under conditions that are set in advance by the [...]

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What is “Business to Business”? (B2B)

B2B is a commercial transaction between two business entities, characterized by exchange of information, goods and services throughout commercial websites (E-commerce). Such transactions are usually performed over internal-secured networks. These type of transactions are characterized by long-term contractual relations, as opposed to a transaction between a private consumer and a business [...]

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