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Third year Law & Business (Accounting) student at the IDC Herzliya. Dreams of becoming an owner of a VC company that will connect between different markets around the world, focusing on innovation and technology.

What is the “Right of first offer?”

A contractual obligation between an owner of an asset and a rights holder, in which the first will offer the asset for sale primarily to the latter, before offering it to third parties. If the rights holder do not want to purchase the asset or unable to agree with the seller [...]

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What is the “Right of first refusal”

A contract right, which gives its holder the option to make a deal with the owner of an asset, before anyone else can. The parties will also regulate in the contract the terms in case of transference, breach of the right etc. For example: Dina and Yossi are the owners of a company. [...]

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What is “Monetization”?

The term has many different meanings, depend on its context. In the digital media field, Monetization is the ability to gain revenues thorough a digital asset, such as web sites, blogs and mobile applications. In the investments field, Monetization refers to the amount of money gained out of an investment (usually [...]

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What is “Reverse engineering”?

Reverse engineering is taking apart a product to analyze how it works. That is in order to duplicate, enhance or develop the product or a better version of it. Reverse engineering is legal in Israel and defined in the Commercial Torts Law, 1999 as "A disassembly or analysis of a product [...]

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How to Write a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Many times, during collaborations, confidential information needs to be disclosed by either party (the "disclosing party"), to the other party (the "receiving" party). One of the most common ways to protect that confidential information is through a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), a common legal document signed by both parties, [...]