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Third year Law & Accounting student at the IDC Herzliya. Dreams of becoming an influential figure in Israel's economy and leading his own company. In his free time he enjoys doing crossfit and reading Robin Sharma's books (sometimes at the same time..)

What is a Cap Table ?

Capitalization table (or "Cap Table") allows the shareholders to receive an up-to-date status of their holdings in the firm's equity. The Table includes the details of all the company's shareholders and presents information regarding the equity (i.e. segmentation of shares, total number of shares, price per share, etc.). By [...]

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What is a Venture Capital Fund ?

A venture capital fund (or "VC") is a private investment entity that invests money in high-risk ventures (mostly in the technology field) with predicted long-term growth potential. Most VC funds are established for a time of 6 to 10 years and invest during the first 5 years. Due to the high [...]

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What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement ?

A non-disclosure agreement (or "NDA") is a binding contract between two, or more, parties in which they agree that certain information (regarding a product or a business) will remain confidential and will not be shared for a predetermined period. Most NDAs are one-sided agreements. For example, when an entrepreneur presents [...]

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What is a Founders agreement ?

A founders agreement is a legal, binding, document that signed by the founders of the incorporated, or soon to be incorporated, company. It determines their rights and obligations regarding the company. The agreement talks about issues like the purpose of the company, roles of each of the founders, work commitments, equity [...]

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The 3 Essential Elements of a Founder’s Agreement

In this article, we'll explain why a founder's agreement is important and address the three main aspects that should always be included in your agreement: the assigning of the IP, the allocation of shares and the defining of each founders role in the company.  What is a founder's agreement and [...]