Key Sections in a TOU Agreement

Over the last decade, the internet has become the leading arena for international trade, with websites such as Alibaba and Amazon leading the way in online consumer purchases. It's no surprise then, that almost all companies – large or small - own a website or a mobile application. Often, during the very first steps [...]

The right to be forgotten in Europe

For many entrepreneurs dreaming of reaching the global sphere with their initiative/platform/app/business, the European Union's 'strict' privacy regulatory standard is the guideline. This short article will outline key factors in Europe's Privacy regulations and stress basic do's and don'ts for entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business market abroad. Whether you are specifically [...]

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Writing a Privacy Policy for Your Website

So, you're launching a website and you’re down to that one elusive item on your to do list: write a privacy policy. You sit down, pen in hand, ready to write your policy, and then you realize – how do you even begin? What is a Privacy Policy?A [...]

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Creating Apps for Children in the Age of COPPA

So, you have a great idea for an app for children, or perhaps an app that children may use? If any of your servers or headquarters are based in the U.S, or even if your young clientele are U.S based, you need to familiarize yourself with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act [...]

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Using open source in your start-up and getting it right from the start

Virtually all high-tech companies use open source. Yet many of them have no procedures in place to manage or control this use even though it warrants due care and attention. What is open source software?Free and Open Source Software (FOSS, OSS or open source – which are often [...]