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Word Cloud "Big Data"

Best practices in event data processing Event data i.e. data that describes what has ‘happened’, is one of the most common categories of ‘bigdata’. Subjects explored In this talk: some of the challenges associated with building data pipelines, how those challenges can be met with best-practice architectures, before diving into a couple of areas that are not much talked about, and best practices are only just beginning to emerge, namely: 
1. Schemaing event data and and managing schema evolution 
2. Modeling event data i.e. reshaping it into a format suitable for analysis by everyday dataconsumers and data processing tools in your company 

What you will learn:

• Common architecture patterns in event data pipelines 
• Best practices in schemaing event data and managing schema evolution 
• Introduction to data modeling: aggregating event level data into meaningful entities so that complicated event data sets can be simplified and socialized around data-driven organisations 
Presenters names and bio


Yali Sassoon is a cofounder at Snowplow Analytics: an open source event data pipeline with 1000s of users around the world. Prior to cofounding Snowplow, Yali has worked across a range of businesses to help them use data to drive decision making: both strategic and operational, at companies including PwC, OpenX and Vestas Wind Systems. Yali has an MA from the University of Cambridge in Natural Sciences and an MPhil in the History and Philosophy of Science.https://www.linkedin.com/in/yalisassoon