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7-th pair-up event for anyone who is looking for a partner. Founders present their ideas / ventures, co-founders select what talk to them. Sitting space is limited, please RSVP in advance and come early! 

The slides are mostly in English, the pitches are mostly in HEBREW (the presenter can prefer English but it is her personal choice) , while the language for the afterwards discussions is up to you.

Only members of TLV Startup Hub group can present! You have to register at Meetup.com with your real name, join the group and RSVP for the event (it’s all free!).





Up to 20 presenters as per the below presentation format:

Exactly 4 slides:

• Who am I

• What I am doing / wanna do

• Who I am looking for

• Contact Me!

  • one-liner: summary of the venture / idea

  • presenter’s photo

  • presenter’s contact details

up to 2 min per a presentation

up to 1 hour in total for all the presentations

Next – talk and pair-up with the people / ideas you liked.



18:00 – 18:30 Gathering & Networking

18:30 – 19:30 Presentations as per the below list

19:30 – 21:00 Networking


Please respect the schedule.


Dear presenters, check out these guidelines 

List of presenters (note you can contact the presenters before, during or after the event via the below link to their Meetup.com profiles):

1. Noam Urbach, Shmooz -> CMO / co-founder

2. Sander Wasser, On-Semble -> Tech & Sales partners

3. Zvika Segal, Automated surgeries -> Tech co-founder

4. Gadi Lavi,  Missit -> CTO / Co-founder

5. Yoram Grinberg, Squari -> Biz / MKT Co-founder + Tech co-founder (SW)

6. Omer Katz, Drifter -> Data Scientist Co-founder + Biz/MKT Co-founder

7. Liza Shkolnik, KEN mobile app -> CTO / Co-founder

8. Yoel Frischoff, ShoppingDay -> CTO / Co-founder 



Send your presentations to:


(Any question? cell:

[masked], David)


This event is generously hosted by