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Next Generation TV is already around where its’ main challenge is transformation to the cloud.

While the capability to create an end-to-end, cross-device, personal experience, powered by on-going engagement and supporting emerging and new business models is already exists, the industry still facing challenges to “make it happened”. Topics like flawless and secured content delivery, optimized yet high quality content preparation, and content management with advanced analytics for best UX as well as monetization are key for success in the emerging TV transformation into the cloud.

Throughout the event will review those key trends in the industry, explore new models that OTT players are facing, and share the participants gained experience and create a platform for possible interactions and collaboration.



18:00 Welcome

19:00 Introduction – Harmonic – Ovadia Cohen

19:20 Lecture #1 – Vision and technologies challenges of linear video streaming

19:40 Lecture #2 – Analytic Services for advances media services

20:00 Networking