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Web is no longer confined to your PC or even mobile and login is by no means username password or even social. 
The new frontiers of B2C cyber security in passwordless behavioral authentication and physically web are far more interesting, immersive and exciting than what came before it which also makes them far more susceptible to hackers but don’t you worry – cyber security is progressing as well and you owe it to yourself to stay informed.


18:00 – Gathering and food

18:30 – To know you is to love you by Yair Finzi, CEO at SecuredTouch

19:00 – Mingeling and more food

19:15 – Ephemeral Identifiers by Avinatan Hassidim, Google


About the sessions

To know you is to love you by Yair Finzi, SecuredTouch

Passwords are dead! long live iimplicit authentication!!!

The old paradigm of what you have and what you know is almost obseolete, replaced by the question; who you are?

By using sensor fusion new forms of authntication are being offered to users and developers that do not need or use passwords and are as safe or even more so.

In this session we’ll review a few examples of the new methods and iterate over a few SDKs and tools that will allow you to start using some of these new mathods today!

Ephemeral Identifiers by Avinatan Hassidim, Google

Beacons are small, cheap devices which can be attached to everyday objects, to connect them to the Internet of Things. From Fitbtis to suitcases, this technology (“Bluetooth Smart”) is becoming a part of our everyday life. However, these beacons are broadcasting their identity, and can be used to follow people around. 
To mitigate the tracking threat (and also fight forgery and spam in the IoT world), Google announced Eddystone Ephemeral IDentifiers, which is a security layer that hides the identity of the beacon from malicious users, while enabling legitimate users to see it all the time. A lot of the cryptographic work was done at Google-IL.

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