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Project Description

The Gladstone-Nir Legal Clinic for Start-Ups

In today’s Israel, say Taub Center researchers, hard work and talent will not provide upward mobility, with a few exceptions. New immigrants ‘need to have a plan’

The Gladstone-Nir Legal Clinic for Start-Ups began its second year with Student Training Days, in which 18 top third- and fourth-year Law students spent three days with leading legal and business professionals, hearing lectures and gaining practical experience. The first two days were hosted at the Yigal Arnon and GKH law firms in Tel Aviv (the clinic’s two accompanying law firms), followed by a third day at Brooks-Keret Financial Management in Kadima. The students were greeted by the clinic’s contributors, businessman Dan Nir and attorney Roger Gladstone, and received tips experienced entrepreneurs Barry Shaked, founder of Retalix, and Lloyd Gladstone. The students then heard a wide range of practical lectures from legal and business professionals, including on funding options for start-ups (Eitan Israeli, vice president of Wix), copyrights (attorney Dotan Hammer), database and privacy law (attorney Dan Hay), founders agreements (attorney Guy Lachmann), terms of use and privacy policies (attorney Assaf Ben-David), employee contracts (attorney Yael Ben-Naim), the due diligence process (attorney Nimrod Vromen), and company incorporation (attorney Etai Shai). Legal issues learned throughout the week were tested in client simulations by Assaf Ben-David, the clinic’s manager. “The simulations are intended to help the students implement what they learned and to practice working with clients, both from a professional point and from an interpersonal one,” Ben-David said. The students also saw the importance of the work they would be doing in a thank-you video sent by entrepreneurs who said the legal counsel they had received from the clinic was invaluable to their progress.

The Gladstone-Nir Legal Clinic offers free legal services to under-represented entrepreneurs working on technological ventures.

Caption: Students, assistants and clinic manager Assaf Ben-David (WHICH ONE IS HE?) during the training days.

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