Recommended Service Providers

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We’re Here to Make Your Venture Better!

Below are a list of recommended service providers that we have worked with or received recommendations about. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Note: some of the recommended service providers may be partners of the clinic or advertisers on the website. This does not influence our recommendation – if anything, it only increases its’ accuracy.

Web Design, Development and Hosting

Yaniv Uncik
Yaniv UncikGraphic Designer

Company with experience of over 15 years, which provide a wide range of solutions in the field of design, branding, advertising and marketing to a variety of companies in different stages.

Yehuda Tiram
Yehuda TiramWeb Developer

Specializes in content management websites (CMS), e-commerce, and web application development, implementing Dotnetnuk (DNN), WordPress and Magento.

 InterSpace Ltd
InterSpace LtdWeb Hosting

Our website is hosted with InterSpace. They have provided us with professional, personal and quality service and we are happy to recommend them.

Legal Services

Pearl Cohen
Pearl CohenLaw Firm

Pearl Cohen is one of Israel’s largest and most prominent law firms. The firm maintains offices in the US, Israel and the UK, primarily representing innovation-driven enterprises including Fortune 500 and small-cap emerging companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, investors in the enterprises they form, academic institutions and government-related entities.